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2020年8月7日 配信


参加者をタイ人のみに限定し、外国人の参加を禁止とした「バンコクミッドナイトマラソン2020(Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2020)」。この発表により、SNSでは参加を希望していた外国人らの間で、これは人種差別であるとの批判が広がりました。



Dear All

First of all, we deeply apologize for the decision we made. We are saddened by the reactions posted on social media about foreign nationals not being allowed to join the Bangkok Midnight Marathon. Kindly allow us to address the issue with this statement.

We would like to clarify that the decision was made without prejudice and that it only aims to minimize the possible spread of Covid-19 infections. Not allowing foreign nationals was a step to ensure that people with travel history do not mix with the ones who didn’t travel. We didn’t take into an account that there are many expats who would want to join the race and have fun along with the locals.

Offending the community is that last thing we want to do. We love athletes of all nationalities, ourselves being constant runners in international running events.

Please allow us to reach out to the necessary agencies to see if there are any documents/requirements we can gather and provide to get the expat community onboard this race. We will provide updates as soon as we have them

Again, we apologize for any misunderstanding and are sincerely sorry to everyone we might have offended.

For now, let’s continue with a respectful sharing of ideas while we touch base with the local


Thank you very much for your patience and your continued support.

Sincerely yours.


Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2020