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Story Time: a few nights ago on the beach in Phi Phi I stopped a local from stealing some girls purse on the beach. Things quickly went downhill from there! The girl was in the water and left her things on the sand. A perfect payday for a piece of shit low life thief preying on a tourist. I see the Thai local approach her belongings and pick up her purse, he rapidly walked into the shadows and began digging through her things. When I yell at him to stop and tell him that is not his bag, he throws it in the bushes and walks away. 2 minutes later he returns with 3 friends all armed with large sticks, a 2×1 piece of wood, and a kayak paddle. They came straight towards me and without hesitation began swinging on me. After about 15 strikes they take off down a dark alley at the at end of the beach. At this point I’m bleeding heavily from my head, arms, and leg. I walk towards the nearest beach hostel to get some help, and come across a police on his moped. I explain to him what happened and he tells me to come to the station the next day at 10am to tell the police and they will look for the ones who attacked me. SUPER helpful. Anyways I got a few stitches in my head and a few more in my leg, also partially tore a ligament in my knee, and as you can see my back is a bit bruised and cut up. But I’m still alive and kicking! A few days of rest and I’ll keep on keeping on! My reason for telling you this is NOT sympathy, but as a warning to anyone who is traveling or plans on traveling. DO NOT leave your shit on the beach without watching it. Some of the locals are scum bags and the police are most likely corrupt getting a pay cut from the stolen items. Also be careful at night, especially in these places known for partying, they’re also known for higher crime rates. Be smart, stay in groups when you can, keep your valuables on you.

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