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タイ-カンボジア全国境 有効ビザ所持でも2015年9月30日までタイ出入国不可に

2015年9月18日 配信

 タイ-カンボジア国境 ビザ所持でも2015年9月30日までタイ入国不可に



 It is our understanding that all check points at Thai-Cambodian border will also limit the OUT/IN with valid visa. Until the situation is clear, at least up to 30th September, we will stop our daily service to Cambodia. For the time being we continue to offer our service to Vientiane/Laos in order for you to obtain Single, Double Tourist Visa or Single Entry Non Immigrant Visa. FYI, The Thai-Consulate in Savannakhet/Laos, is currently over limit due the huge number of Laotian trying to obtain Visa.  THAI VISA SERVICE



タイ-カンボジア国境でのビザ無しタイ入国拒否を撤回!ビザ無し滞在 年間90日以内なら入国可能に